Sleeping Under Alpaca

Our duvets use the highest quality Alpaca Fleece, from Moor View Alpacas


But Why Choose Alpaca?

Alpaca fleece is hypoallergenic with hollow fibres which creates a cool, dry environment in which dust mites will not be able to breed, which is great for asthma suffers.

Being one of the finest natural fibres on the planet and having a hollow texture the fleece is very light allowing  our duvets help you to control your body temperature better. The natural materials help to maintain body temperature the same way an alpaca is able to regulate its' body temperature in the snow topped mountains of the Andes.


They keep you comfortable and cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold:  One duvet all year round and less interrupted sleep.

Our duvets are soft and luxurious which makes them great for you to snuggle under.

Our duvets are handmade in Cornwall with fleece from our own alpacas as well as using the highest quality Egyptian white cotton thus creating a luxurious and high quality product.

Do the Alpacas Mind?

By the time sheering comes round they are ready to lose the fleece they have grown over the past 12 months as the climate is a little warmer here than in the mountains of Peru. We have even seen Broche sitting on the sprinkler for some relief in the summer!  We use a sheering technique that means the animals are not as stressed as regular sheering by the use of a tilting table, ensuring that they feel secure at all times rather than being man handled to sheer as quickly as possible.



Absorbs Moisture


Fire Resistant

Deters dust mites

Chemical Free

Non Allergic


Light weight product.


Being a natural fibre it is better for the environment, and its' properties are better for your environment as, unlike traditional duvets and pillows, they will not harbour dust mites. The younger the alpaca the finer the fibre and this very fine high quality fibre helps us to win awards.

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Single Duvet £159

Double Duvet £239

King Sized  £279